Image of PRINT :: BABE
PRINT :: BABE $15.00

Babe! Mighty blue ox, draft hauler of the shanty-houses, mysteriously, mythically massive friend to Paul Bunyan, the original Boss Logger of the Old North Woods. Who among us has not heard his plaintive low, floating across the prairie from its origins deep in the ancient mountains? I ask you!

Archival giclee print on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper, in 5x7 and 4x6 sizes. Ships flat via USPS.


Is a call to arms or a cautionary tale?? Only you can decide, but eventually you'll come to know... it's both! Fancy giclee print in 10 archival colors on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper. Ships flat via USPS First Class to wherever you are in the world. Created on the occasion of my 48th birthday--yeah, I know, it's a big number.

Image of PRINT :: GROW UP
PRINT :: GROW UP $15.00

An inspiring quote, perfect for that room in your house with too many doodads arranged too carefully. Let people know that yes, you *get* it! Alternately, think of it as aspirational, pursuant to your dream of one day towering over the city in your costume. :)
4x6 or 5x7 sizes. 10-color archival giclee process, printed on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper. Ships flat via USPS to everywhere.


5 prints that have been hanging around my studio that it's time to let go of! All are 11" x 14" and ship flat via USPS. "Digital print" refers to a non-archival printing process, while "giclee print" refers to archival inks on acid-free cotton rag paper. Limited quantities on all these, and once they're gone, they're gone! Poof!


Starting the day together and apart. A giclee print, using a 10-color archival ink process on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper. Ships flat via USPS.

Image of PRINT :: A BIRD
PRINT :: A BIRD $10.00

Ah, the circle of life, caught here in archival giclee form. A small print with a large subject, shipped flat with a regular ole stamp in an envelope, like they did in days of yore, so it's actually reasonable to ship it internationally. Same price!


A colossus of myth and legend, now available for preorder as an archival giclee in either 11" x 14" or 18" x 24" sizes.

Image of PRINT :: The Greatest Explorer
PRINT :: The Greatest Explorer $10.00 On Sale

This is an indigo process print featuring one of the greatest explorers of the 20th century, a man who explored that most vast frontier, the frontier of knowledge itself.

8" x 10" color edition, OR an 8" x 10" black and white edition, if that's how you like to roll. I'm not judging! Shipped flat via USPS First Class.

Prints ship flat via USPS First Class for the 8x10 edition, or Priority Mail for the 11x14. Note that $5 has been added to the unit price of the 11x14 version to offset higher shipping charges for that size. All prints come signed.

Image of PRINT :: Growing Up
PRINT :: Growing Up $10.00 On Sale

This image is as close to an artist's statement as I could make, I think. Printed via a high-resolution indigo process on high quality 100 pound paper. Available in both an 8" x 10" size and a limited edition of 50 signed 11" x 14" size.

Ships flat nestled between two pieces of cardboard and protected from postal damage, although mailmen are wily.

Image of PRINT :: Tyrannosaurus Bats!
PRINT :: Tyrannosaurus Bats! $20.00 On Sale

A man is defined by the quality of his tools! This is an Indigo-process print on high quality 100-pound paper. An excellent print for the aspiring superhero, or aspiring robot dinosaur sidekick!

Available in 2 sizes, 8" x 10" and 11" x 14".

8" x 10" version ships flat via USPS First Class, or USPS First Class International for non-domestic orders. 11" x 14" versions ship flat via US Priority Mail, or USPS First Class International for non-domestic orders.

ALSO! This print is available in larger sizes through INPRNT, from 12" x 18" all the way up to 24" x 36", ranging in price from $20 to $80!