Lo, 'tis the winter doldrums! Money is tight this time of year, and I like to draw lumberjacks, dogs, and cats, so if you'd like any of those, we're all in luck.

For $25 I will draw a lumberjack, in my style, in black ink, on a nice piece of 4" x 6" 140lb watercolor paper. Do you get to make suggestions about what kind of lumberjack or who or how? No, you do not! But! There is a goodly chance that lumberjack will one day be a character in the lumberjack book I'm working on, so there's that. Congratulations!

For $25 I will send you a signed and sketched copy of my Diary Comics collection, published by Koyama Press, as well as copies of Diary Comics #5 & #6 (the most recent ones), Small Comics #2 and #3, and one more book of my choice, and one 5x7 print of my choice. $50 value!

For $50 I will draw a dog or a cat (your choice) in a suit (my choice). You can tell me which you want, and if you like you can specify the animal's gender, but odds are I'll dress them in a men's suit because they're big and boxy and fun to draw. No other suggestions allowed (breed, suit style, pattern, etc). Pen and ink on 5" x 7" archival bristol board.

For $75 I'll do YOUR dog or cat in a suit. I still get to choose the suit though. You can either email me (dusty AT dharbin DOT com) photos of your pet, or just tell me the breed and I'll figure it out from there.

NOTE: allow 4-6 weeks to deliver on any drawings. If you need them earlier, make sure to let me know and I'll prioritize yours. If you're a friend of mine then I'll probably do yours last BUT make it extra nice because I like you extra nice.

Image of PERSONS OF INTEREST - Original Drawings
PERSONS OF INTEREST - Original Drawings $75.00

I'll draw a single person, character, or other entity on a 5" x 7" piece of bristol board, generally in black and white ink unless I feel like adding color (my preference). There are three catches:

1) I'LL ONLY DRAW A PERSON ONCE, so if there's someone you're really into, act fast. The only exception to this is if it's a sufficiently separate instance of that person: i.e young Bill Murray versus older Bill Murray, or Han Solo in his winter gear in Empire Strikes Back, versus his vest-style outfit in Star Wars.

2) REAL PEOPLE must be somewhat famous, either historically or otherwise, meaning I'm either already aware of them or could quickly become aware of them. Cochise, Harriet Tubman, and George Clooney are examples of people who would fit this category. Your favorite teacher, local mayor, or mom would not--if you'd like me to draw someone *personally* significant to you, as opposed to more universally significant, we can work out a regular old commission for that, outside of this offer.

3) NOT REAL PEOPLE must be fairly significant as well, either among the major characters of a work of fiction, or sufficiently recognizable that I could figure out who they were pretty quickly if not already familiar with them. If I'm into it fine, but I'll tend to turn down requests where I can't find visual reference online pretty easily, especially if it's something pretty esoteric.

As always, I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason--if so I'll let you know pretty promptly, and refund your money if we can't come up with a replacement we're both enthusiastic about. Drawings will ship flat. Currently I estimate about 3-4 weeks for drawings to be completed (I have lots of other work to do and try to draw these when I'm really pumped about it so they look good)--let me know if you want them earlier, for instance as a gift. Okay!

OH! And be sure you put who you want in the "Instructions To Seller" space during the Paypal checkout process. Feel free to email me at dustyATdharbinDOTcom with any questions or to confirm I got your order.